The Company Store

February 12, 2011 by: Sam

We’re living in an age of the company store. The company store strives for an environment of zero competition from natural market forces and absolute control of everything of necessity. The company store represents isolation from choice and a restriction of freedom, and preys upon the desperation of it’s work force. All customers shop at the company store.

People will eventually grow tired of the company store. The company store always keeps the break even bar just out of reach. It’s customers (who are also it’s workforce) accruing a little bit of debt each trip with promise to pay next time, knowing full well prices will continue to rise. This scheme denies the the prosperity of saving, making it difficult to break away from the cycle of the company store. Those with a drive for acute financial success may achieve adequate reward within the framework of the company store, but only with a tolerance for obedience. The prosperous days are behind us for the moment, as the ball seems to be in the oppressor’s court.

Total obedience with an absence of moral responsibility nullifies personal freedom in my book. The act itself should be a crime worth reprimand. But the challenge of economical survival in the current bureaucratic labyrinth of death, discourages moral character in the face of the mighty dollar. The higher you go up the ladder, the more you play slave to numbers and the colder you grow. This is not a blanket statement, as I do understand that many people have very rewarding careers, but the interference of “money for the bankers” government policy in every aspect of life is stifling the beginning of new fulfilling careers, and grinding the current ones to a halt.

One of the great things about freedom is the innate ability to take care of ourselves as we see fit. This idea was also embodied in what used to be capitalism. Uncontrollable limitations aside, the harder you work, the better your harvest should be. It’s up to you how comfortable you’d like to live. We can expand this idea to things like: how we’d like to defend ourselves, how we’d like to educate our children, or even the achievements we’d like to be remembered for.

The problem though, is each of us has given away this personal freedom to such a degree, that we’ve lost control of our freedom to an entity that has grown strong from our loss, and is ravenous for more. The collective sacrifice we’ve made for civil governance has been turned upon us as a weapon, putting the remaining character we have into jeopardy.

A solution is possible. A collective act of non-participation in the current system, pulling the plug on all activity that worships money: banking, war of conquest, corporatism, consumerism, totalitarianism, and anything that hides behind a wall of “national security”. People hold up the system. If the people move out from under the system, the system will collapse, and the people can go back to taking care of themselves. Once the infestation is removed, take all the value that’s been wasted on money worship and put it into we the people.

The world is in turmoil because to many of it’s people worship money. Money itself is not a product, nor is it a contribution to anything. Money is simply a measure of trade for goods and services. the Dollar inherits it’s existence from the Thaler, which was a standard measure of silver. But unfortunately, the monetary system became corrupted by those who stole control of it; applying a usage fee and distributing money as a product itself – every unit packaged with a debt that needs to be repaid, just for participating in commerce. This collective debt we are all on the hook for is just a shift of responsibility from people tinkering with human culture for their own pleasure and status. Nope, this debt which is essentially war debt, is not the responsibility of we the people. We can argue about social programs as part of the problem, but the only reason social programs are failing is because funds from those programs have been appropriated to war, conquest and greed, so hence we are presented a balanced budget deficit to hide the truth about our debt slavery.

The elected representatives are chosen to execute the wishes of their constituents in a responsible manner; more a labor of love and civic responsibility than position of authority in theory. Politics is not meant as a career path chosen for its monetary reward, but a particular opportunity to serve; with honor, wisdom and expertise. If we remove the temptation of wealth, the lust for power and the lobbyist mentality from the status quo, great leaders can emerge with a sincere love for their community; leaders that can inspire individual greatness, cultural pride, the cultivation of wisdom and the celebration of diversity.

It’s safe to say that the cat is out of the bag. There are still plenty of us who still can’t believe such an atrocity exists, but proof is out there and has been inspected by many a rational mind. It’s just a matter of time before it drives the true majority. Just like the passing of the company store, every greed infected government will reach a point of failure; a point at which it has taken too much from the people it was assembled to serve, that it no longer has a leg to stand on. Then, another government will be assembled.